Life Stages

We help people tackle the big issues in life: the ones you usually see coming from a mile away. How we do it depends on your personal needs and preferences, but one way or another, we'll make sure that you're prepared to face many of life's most significant events:

New parents holding infant child

Starting a family:

At this point in your life, you may not have had enough time to build up much of a safety net. If income replacement is a primary concern, we can discuss several affordable ways to give your new family the financial protection they deserve.

man in his home with young child

Protecting your home:

There's nothing like the feeling of owning your own home. It's a source of comfort and security for your family—and possibly the largest single investment you will ever make. Life insurance can help protect that investment, and your family, by making sure they have enough money to pay off the mortgage should something happen to you.

young woman hugs mother after graduation​

Paying for college:

We all know how important a college education can be to a child's future. And since the cost of education keeps going up, now's the time to study up on ways to meet the rising cost. Fortunately, there may be several ways that we can help. One of the instruments we may use is cash value life insurance.* As a living benefit of permanent life insurance, the policy's cash value can be accessed via policy loans in order to help pay for college.* The cash value of life insurance does not have to be disclosed in FASFA forms. Additionally, should something happen to you, the death benefit can be used to help pay for a child's college costs.

retired couple sitting on the beach with their dog​

Getting ready to retire:

Retirement means different things to different people: spending more time with friends, traveling the world, or being able to spoil your grandchildren whenever you want. Of course, the quality of life you lead will depend greatly on the financial resources you set aside. Let's talk about what you want out of retirement and create a plan that not only helps you save for retirement, but also makes the most of the money you save.

Grandfather having milk and cookies with grandson

Caring for their future:

When it comes right down to it, there's nothing more important than family. So if you are in the enviable position of being able to leave something behind, we can put together a plan of action that helps protect your assets and has the potential to make a real difference to those you love.

*The total outstanding loan balance (which includes accrued loan interest) reduces your policy’s available cash surrender value and life insurance benefit. The amount you borrow will accrue interest daily. Any loan interest that you do not pay when due will be added to the policy's outstanding loan principal and will also accrue interest daily.

If your policy lapses, or if you surrender it while you have an outstanding policy loan, you may be liable for federal or state income taxes if the value of the outstanding loan plus your cash surrender value is more than the total amount of premiums you have paid into your policy (less certain nontaxable distributions). Your insurance company will report any taxable gain to you, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), and any applicable state taxing authorities. Please be sure to discuss this with your tax advisor.

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